Rodeo Drive Shopping – If You Are Not a High Roller Part I

“Hello, my name is Alicia and I hate shopping, can you help me?” That is how I introduce myself anytime I go to the store. Shopping for almost anything gives me an anxiety attack. Shopping for shoes on Rodeo Drive…I can do that symptom free. And there is no reason that people who make less that 50 thousand dollars a year should not contribute to the good old fashion capitalism, on which Rodeo Drive is 3D mink flutter lashes .

3D mink flutter lashes
3D mink flutter lashes

Dioat  Rodeo Drive has sidewalks, pavement, cars, stoplights, palms, exhaust and of course over 50 shops, restaurants and stores of some of the most famous names in designer clothes, shoes, jewelry and service in the state of California with international prestige. Following my plan, you should be able to confidently make one good 3D mink flutter lashes on Rodeo Drive and not be afraid to come back for more.

Step 1. Decide what one item you need that has to have high quality
I have an odd foot size, I need shoes that will fit my feet, look professional and feel good. That is why I ended up on Rodeo Drive in the first place. I needed shoes for work or consider going barefoot. I was at the point where I would pay anything for a good pair of shoes. So my shopping anxiety aside I got some money together and headed to Beverly Hills. If you have something that you need, that you will use often, it needs to be of high quality. You can probably find it on Rodeo Drive and it will cost a lot of money but it will last.

Step 2. Go Online
In an average search engine you will be able to find a directory of services of stores on Rodeo Drive. The official Beverly Hills information directory     will give you the names and numbers. Using these names you can go to the international website of the store of your choice. Find out if their store has what you are looking for, that you need in high quality. You will have to dig into the site a little but you will find some prices. If the prices curl your 3D mink flutter lashes , Don’t Panic. Designer stores have sales too, and sometimes when they are trying to get rid of the current season, the will drop prices low enough so that mere mortals can handle it. In my case I needed shoes, so that is the number I called.

Step 3. Call Ahead, This is a requirement.
Most of these stores have their sales representative answer the phone, tell you their name. GOLDEN. That name is precious, cherish it, that person is your new best friend. You now have a relationship, build it.

3D mink flutter lashes
3D mink flutter lashes

Your new best friend is poised to make a sale. They know the product. So you can ask a casual question “Hello, I have never purchased sunglasses at your store before, what is your price range? This suggests to the sales rep that you have been there before and you have an idea of what they offer and they will tell you where the price range of the item in question starts and that will tell you where you should start your budget. The sales rep will always, always, always invite you to come by the store. At this point, they will give you their name for the second time. Cherish it. Then give them yours.

I still dislike shopping, however I will go back to Rodeo Drive. In Part II, we will be looking at how to arrive in style and meet your new best 3D mink flutter lashes 

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