Conceal Your Troubled Spots

Concealers are necessary tools to the false eyelash extensions regime especially if we want to look perfect. They are a fast and effective way to hide those blemishes, dark eye circles, acne scars or even red veins on the face.

false eyelash extensions
false eyelash extensions

Dioat As concealers often come in a small tube, this also informs you that just a small dosage of concealer is required to cover up those troubled areas bothering you.

As there is many various types of the concealers in the market, I will touch on some tips to apply the different types of concealer below.

Tip 1

There is much controversy as to when one should apply concealer. Based on my own experience, I prefer to apply concealer before my foundation. Conceal all the spots and then blend it in with my 2 way foundation to achieve a best look.

Tip 2

If you are applying liquid concealer to your troubled areas, pour a small amount of the liquid onto your ring finger and slowly dab them onto your troubled false eyelash extensions. Blend the concealer into your skin with your fingertips. Go easy on the strength.

Tip 3

For liquid concealer, there are 2 main types. The traditional liquid formulations and the liquid to powder formulations. I will recommend using the fingertips to dab the liquid onto the face and using the ring finger to blend them into the face. If you worry about finger hygiene, you can also use those concealer brush which allows you to even out the liquid nicely.

Tip 4

The most convenient one is the stick concealer where you can stroke it into the skin directly. However, I will still recommend you to use your fingertips to spread the concealer over the troubled spots nicely.

Tip 5

The latest kid in the block for concealer should be the cream or gel type. They normally come with a sponge tip applicator. These give a nice natural finish as I felt that they are a nice blend between the liquid and the stick type.

false eyelash extensions
false eyelash extensions

Tip 6

If you need to apply concealer to cover your acne or false eyelash extensions, try using a green based concealer. The green will soothe out the redness on the face. You may also wish to use a medicated concealer to cover up so that your pimples or acne can be treated in the meanwhile.

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