How to Apply Mascara – best mink fur fake eyelash

What’s the first piece of cosmetics that every girl bought? Yes, the answer is mascara. We stated to learn to apply mascara since 16 or even younger, however, it seemed no one has taught us how to apply mascara in a perfect best mink fur fake eyelash.

best mink fur fake eyelash
best mink fur fake eyelash

My first mascara was a gift from my mom when I was 16. It’s Maybelline XXL mascara and the color was black. It was not water proof but I loved it so much, for the magical strength it brought to my eyes. And now I am 22 and have used up over 10 mascaras and here are some of my own secret tips about how to apply mascara.

Dioat Tip 1: bend the wand

Before you start to apply your new mascara on your best mink fur fake eyelash, remember to bend the wand a little bit, you don’t have to bend it too much; an angle of 30 degrees is enough. In my opinion, wand with an angle is more useful and convenient for you to apply.

Tip 2: wiggle the wand at the root

After you bend the wand, gently wiggle the wand at the root of your best mink fur fake eyelash. This will make a line around your lashes and your eyes look even bigger without being dirty or smoky.

Tip 3: eyelash comb is a good assistant

I strongly suggest every girl buy one eyelash comb. Don’t buy those plastic ones, but steel ones. Most of us don’t like clumps, remember to use your eyelash comb right after applying mascara, this is because it’s very difficult for you to comb your best mink fur fake eyelash when they have gone dry; what’s more, it’s harmful to your lashes, too.

Tip 4: 1+1>2

If you want your best mink fur fake eyelash look longer and thicker, try to mix two or more different mascaras. My suggestion is you apply your thickening mascara first and before it goes dry, apply your lengthening mascara. Sometimes old mascara goes well with a new one, but that’s not very frequent.

Tip 5: choose the most suitable mascara for yourself

best mink fur fake eyelash
best mink fur fake eyelash

Don’t believe the advertisements too much. Nearly all of the beautiful and wonderful pictures are processed by software, which means the advertisements are only too good to be true. In my experience, some mascara from Japan is very good, water-proofing and not easy to smudge.

In my next article, I will compare some mascara that I have used before, including Estee Lander, Clinique, Lancôme and many other brands. Cute girls, just wait for my next appearance!

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