best 100 siberian mink lashes Little Beauty Tricks

Shhhhh, we need to keep this strictly on the QT. Look over your shoulder pads and make sure no one is watching  best 100 siberian mink lashes handmade human hair eyelashes private labelshes best 100 siberian mink lashes

I’m about to violate the Secret Stylist Code of Ethics by telling you the little Hollywood tricks we do to make our clients look extra fabulous including treatments stars regularly do before they sit down with us.

best 100 siberian mink lashes
best 100 siberian mink lashes

Dioat Remember that you didn’t hear it from me.

1. No Panty Hose.

Take a little bit of your favorite luminizer and mix it with an amazing moisturizer. Gently apply it on your legs and it looks like you’re wearing beautiful hose, but instead you have soft, natural, glowing legs. Amazing! My favorite for this…Laura Mercier. It rocks for your legs.

2. Shine on? Forget it!

If you’re shiny because of too much running around just hit the ladies room and grab the toilet seat paper cover. ( A new one of course.) Tear off a piece and blot your face. It’s a great way to get rid of the oil without taking off your makeup. But, those o200f you have worked with me personally, know I love those tiny little blue oil-blotters from Clean & Clear. Keeps you from looking shiny and helps you steer clear of that cakey look you get when you powder over your face to keep your shine at bay.

3. Spanx under it all.

Okay, Okay! I know… it’s not always comfortable, ladies, but hike ’em up. If you have waist, hip, tummy or thigh issues – or all of the above, damn it all to hell – then get out the Spanx because they will suck in it for you. And, if you were wishing you could wear Spanx to the beach, your in luck! This just in… Spanx Swimwear

4. Botox

A lot of the stars are doing it. It’s true. Same with plastic surgery. I’m sure you knew that, right? You either think it’s okay or you don’t. If you decide to give Botox a try…make sure you go to someone who knows what they are doing! Yikes. And, remember…Just don’t go too far. A little bit at a time will avoid those horrid cat eyes. Who wants that look.

5. Hair extensions

No one over 40 has the same thick, long to your butt locks that they did when they were younger. Ask your stylist about extensions if you want that look. Discuss the ones that are the least harmful to your regular hair. There are so many different techniques. Try clip in extensions before you invest the big bucks. Again, go to the pros that do this kind of thing all the time. Extensions need to match your color and blend into the cut of your hair. There is nothing worse than being able to see where the extensions start and that the hair looks fake.

6. Visit your dentist and get your teeth bleached.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous smile without the old lady yellowish I-drank too-much-Starbucks teeth. No time today? Try baking soda on your toothbrush and Crest White Strips are another favorite of mine.

7. Get out of your lawn chair.

best 100 siberian mink lashes
best 100 siberian mink lashes

For those ladies who are still tanning (and I know you’re out there), just know that stars never expose their faces. It’s horribly aging. If you’re out always use sunblock, but also wash it off the minute you get in the house. If you want that tan look then just use an amazing self-tanner on your face. And, go easy. I’ve been a little too “tan” (read- orange!) in the past from a little more self-tanner than necessary. There are new organic self-tanner’s out there today. Stars do opt for the tan look because less makeup is needed to give them that glow and well, the lights on some sets can really wash you out.

8. Pad it, Baby.

If you’ve got a little tush envy..You don’t need to toss down more carbs to get Kim Kardashian’s curves… because you might also develop a gut at the same time. You can buy butt pads and add them into your jeans the way certain stars do. It’s also fine to pad your bra a bit with those chicken cutlet type pads that look natural. Can you believe we actually add padding to give the right curves? But, it’s available if you need it. Make sure their are securely in place! Nothing worse than a little bra pad playing peek-a-boo when you’re feeling oh-so-sexy…only for your admiring friend to point and say, “What’s that?” Hmmm. Been there. Done that. Laugh it off. That’s the only way out of this one.

9. Wear nude shoes to make your legs look longer.

Check out the pictures on the Web of the “Sex and the City” gals at the recent Showest event in Vegas to hype the movie. They were in gorgeous slinky dresses with nude heels. Even shorter girls will look like tall models. It works! You don’t get the break in the line that you get when you slip on a dark shoe.

10. Buy fabric tape.

You can take a hem when your pants don’t fit perfectly or you wear flats. It’s also a way to change up a skirt- make it longer or a mini without alterations.You need to do this one while not wearing your clothing. Taping while in the clothing leads to wrinkles, rumples, and uneven hemlines. Still in doubt; Get a secondfashiontape opinion, and make sure you’ve taped it all up evenly.

11. Splurge on false individual best 100 siberian mink lashes at your salon if you have a big event.

It’s about $40 to $50 to have a professional makeup artist put them in and they will only last a few days. But if you’re going to a reunion or on a big date or a wedding then they’re absolutely worth it. Your eyes will pop. You’ll feel like a movie star and won’t even need to wear as much eyeshadow. Individual best 100 siberian mink lashes look more natural if applied in between your real best 100 siberian mink lashes. Applied on top of your best 100 siberian mink lashes, a little more glam. Strip lashes really pop the look and take it way up to the max.

12. Smile!

So many of us are so serious Your smile is your best beauty secret of all.

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