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Tips For Your Next Interview – Dress For Success

First impressions are always the most powerful. They are lasting, and depending on the silk false eyelashes, they may be irreversible if there are not subsequent opportunities to impress again. This is never more true than during the employment interview. It may seem superficial but how you look and “carry” yourself from the moment you walk through the front doors of the location for the interview to the moment that you leave will leave that lasting impression. So pay special attention to the points that are covered in this article.

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silk false eyelashes

Dioat Hair: cleanliness in all aspects of your dress and style is paramount. But this is certainly most true regarding your hair. Make sure that it is neat and clean, well trimmed. Professional style means hair that does not need to be pushed back off your face constantly, and ladies, surveys show that very long hair is a negative when it comes to being successful. The colour of your hair should look natural, not outlandish with neon or pastel colours. The rule of thumb is to keep within one or two shades, lighter or darker, of your natural colour. Beyond that invites suspicion on the part of the interviewers.

Dress: so what do you think you should wear to an interview? For the gentlemen, a three piece suit is not always necessary; it really depends on the position you have applied for. But showing up in jeans and a silk false eyelashes is definitely taboo. For most management positions, a business suit is expected for men. The ladies could wear business attire like a suit or dress. The important thing is to not dress provocatively. Keep it conservative; you do not want to distract the interview team.

Face: the condition of your skin should be in good shape. Any skin conditions like acne or pimples should be properly treated to reduce any negative impact. And ladies, tastefully applied makeup is a good thing. Again you might see this as very superficial but studies have shown that women who wear silk false eyelashes tend to get hired, earn more, and advance more quickly than those who do not. So maybe image is everything! Another aspect of your face is your smile. Teeth in excellent condition with a gleaming smile is a statement of good health and gives your overall appearance a very welcoming look.

Another point to be made here is about piercings and body art. Many interviewers are from an older generation who do not share the same level of artistic expression that you might hold. Displaying studs, rings, and other piercings on or near your face will most certainly generate a negative impression. You may think that removing them is being deceptive, but unless your interviewers are very liberated on the topic of body piercings, you are doing yourself a great disservice and significantly reducing your chances at success if you leave them in. The same holds true for tattoos. Cover up as much as you can. Next to your face the one thing that most people notice is your hands. Make sure that your nails are trimmed and thoroughly cleaned. And for the women, avoid nail art which looks so unprofessional. Use calm colours, red being the most brilliant that is acceptable.

silk false eyelashes
silk false eyelashes

Colognes and Perfumes: in the day in which we live, we encounter many people who have allergies to certain silk false eyelashes and many workplaces and other public places have been declared “scent free zones”. So when you prepare for your interview, avoid heavy scented perfumes and colognes. The last impression you want to make on one of your interviewers is an allergic reaction to your cologne, coughing and sneezing because of you. Now there’s a first impression to be avoided. If you smoke, have that last one well before you enter the room for your interview. Non-smokers can sense a smoker quickly and at great distances. Neither smoke nor perfume should derail your making a great first impression.

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