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Benefit Make Up

Benefit Cosmetics are home to the Benefit 3d silk fur eyelashes range that sells fun, innovative make up that is appealing to all ages. Their solution focused products and quick fix make up ideas have made Benefit make up a favourite across the world, in small shops and major department stores alike. They are a subsidiary of French-owned Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy which acquired a controlling equity stake in Benefit Cosmetics in 1999.

3d silk fur eyelashes
3d silk fur eyelashes

Dioat Benefit Cosmetics is currently the third best-selling 3d silk fur eyelashes brand in the United Kingdom. Already a top-seller in the United States and Japan, Benefit have plans to expand into China in the near future. So where did it all go so right for the Ford sisters?

When they were younger Jean and Jane Ford were an eclectic mix of creativeness and ambitiousness, so much so that when Jean would be making mud pies and rose petals perfumes, Jane would be trading in chocolate M&M’s. After starting the Benefit make up range just to put enough food on the table for their families, the girls soon found that their quick fixes and solution focused make up was a big hit.

The twins themselves agree that the Benefit make up product Benetint was their breakthrough product. Initially designed as a colour enhancer for nipples of exotic dancers, Jean and Jane realised that they had a success on their hands when all the exotic dancers in the area were lined up round the block to purchase this amazing Benefit make up. They soon diversified as they realised that in order for Benetint to become a household name, it would need to be used on more than just nipples, so it developed into a famous lip and cheek stain used from the high streets to the runways.

The biggest selling Benefit product is the BADgal 3d silk fur eyelashes mascara. It is described as a mascara with tons of attitude as it has a giant brush that loads onto the lashes just like false lashes. One tube of BADgal lash is sold every 30 seconds! Another huge product from the Benefit make up range is Dr Feelgood vitamin complexion balm, which has been their number 1 seller on the website for over 10 years.

The Benefit make up packaging is also a unique selling point for Benefit as it is styled on vintage magazines, compacts, posters and mannequins, all of which are reflected on the outer of the make up.

3d silk fur eyelashes
3d silk fur eyelashes

One of the main reasons that the twins designed the range packaging like this was so that by using modern and old fashion images and styles, women would want to carry the Benefit 3d silk fur eyelashes products around in their bags all day or display them to their friends. And something that has worked well for the twins already is word of mouth when they started out, and it seems to be something they have continued through to their amazing success today.

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